Friday, November 30, 2012

Sydney Anglicans in the news

Julia Baird writes for SMH and has written a few pieces on women preaching, one today here and another earlier this year, here. Her take is basically that it's archaic, irrelevant to set such boundaries on women. I'd be interested to hear what your reaction is to her articles.


  1. It is sad to see such one-sided, negative, 'attacking' commentary.

    I don't know her current beliefs, but the tone of her articles is entirely lacking grace, and she shows no interest in considering whatever the bible may have to say.

    Indeed, her fundamental argument in both seems to be - get the with the times of the secular world.

    I go to a church for Uni students, and most of them would understand the process of theology and the bible well enough to go through and rebut every point she offers.

    However, unless someone is willing to confess Christ as Lord and engage with a biblical worldview, there is little point having a discussion.

  2. Hi, Donna,

    I'm reading Michael Jensen's book on Sydney Anglicanism at the moment. It doesn't make me want to be an Anglican, but it's an interesting perspective from an insider. It's not all positive (and some bits make me wonder if family dinner times might be a bit awkward :)